Welcome to the 2019 Lincoln County Fair
Junior Livestock and Horse Show
Online Entries Website
Please complete the steps and submit the required information as prompted for each Exhibitor and for each Entry.
Every Exhibitor will need to Register as a "new exhibitor".
When entering Eartag Numbers, use the LAST 5 DIGITS ONLY from the Eartags Issued from Tag-In Day.
The addresses submitted need to be the current e-Mail and Mailing Addresses for the Exhibitor. Please include all Parent Contact information when prompted.
The addresses and contact information will be used for all correspondence to the Exhibitor from the Lincoln County Fair and Junior Livestock Sale Committee.
Enter the Grade level in School that was just completed by the Exhibitor.
If entering a Market Lamb or Market Goat in the Lincoln County Bred Shows, they must also be entered in the regular Market Lamb and Market Goat Shows. There is no additional charge for entering in the County Bred Shows.
A Credit Card will be required for Check-Out for all  Livestock and Horse Show Entries.
Inside 4-H Projects will need to be submitted on the Indoor 4-H/FFA Project Entry Form which can be found on the last page of the Indoor 4-H/FFA  FairBook located at https://lcfairnm.com or one can be provided to the Exhibitor from the Extension Office. The Entry Form must be returned by mail, e-mail, text a picture or walked-in to the Lincoln County Extension Office by 5:00pm Monday July 15, 2019.
Booster 4-Hers will need to enter all Livestock and/or Booster Horse Show Entries On-Line by July 15.
Print a copy of your receipt.  Each Exhibitor will need a copy of their Receipt for Livestock Check-In  and for the Horse Show for proof of entry.
The Deadline for all Livestock and Horse Show Entries is July 15, 2018 at 11:59pm and must be completed and submitted On-Line.
Late Horse Show and Livestock Entries will pay Entry Fees plus $50 per animal.
No refunds will be given.
Horse Certificates must be on file in the Lincoln County Extension Office for the Horse Show.
All New Mexico Veterinarian and Livestock Board Requirements must be met.
Should you have any questions regarding the ShoWorks Online Entries or the Indoor 4-H Project Entries please contact Melody Gaines by phone or text 575-430-0490 or by email: lcfsalecommittee@gmail.com